WWE News: Former Divas Champion robbed of belongings worth $50,000

WWE News: Former Divas Champion robbed of belongings worth $50,000

One former WWE Diva was robbed of $50,000 of her belongings and she’s understandably upset as anyone would be.

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It was looking like a great day for Barbie Blank, the former WWE Diva and current star of W.A.G.S who we used to call Kelly Kelly.

It seemed like she was starting a new day and things were looking up. But that was until she visited Public Storage in El Segundo, California.

What she came across was shocking indeed as she was missing close to $50,000 worth of her belongings.

According to Blank the storage facility doesn’t have any security cameras as she tweeted out: “Beware of that @PublicStorage apparently it happens all the time they have no cameras nothing so no way to find out who did it so please.” 

This is an awful turn of events and we really hope they catch whoever stole her things. But odds are if this “happens all the time” then the odds might be slim she’ll see her things again. But they were only material possessions and as frustrating as it can be at least she is still safe. But it is horrible there are people who think it’s okay to steal other people’s things.

She had quite a few things to say on social media about the unfortunate event.

It’s a shame this happened because Barbie Blank appeared as though she was having a great day before that happened as she posted the following photo and inspirational message on Instagram:

If only I had time to do this right now …brand new start today ?

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