WWE has posted the full and unedited version of the John Cena/Roman Reigns segment | Wrestling News

WWE has posted the full and unedited version of the Roman Reigns/John Cena segment from Monday Night Raw. The first video that they posted on Twitter was heavily edited with some key lines taken out. The full version has everything including the part where Reigns forgets what he was going to say and Cena makes fun of him. The “fake ass b***h” reference is also there and uncensored.

The full 14+ minute war of words can be seen below. For everyone that has asked, almost everything said in the segment was approved by Vince McMahon last week but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what they said to each other was not real.

In fact, much of what was said by Reigns has been what wrestlers have said backstage about him for years. Jerry “The King” Lawler discussed the segment on his podcast (click here to listen to what Lawler said). WWE has been known to edit videos from Hulu and YouTube so the fact that the entire segment is now up in its original form should tell you that Vince McMahon was happy with the way things turned out.

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