Top WordPress Plugins For Beginners And For Great Uses

Its another year, and the blogging blunders of yesteryear need to be gotten over with. WordPress offers the performance and reliability that a blogger would ideally prefer to work with. While the open source tool itself is pretty easy to work with, the wonderful developer community behind it is the reason behind WordPress’s tremendous growth in the recent past. The plugins developed for WordPress make it worthwhile to accomplish all your blogging activities in a jiffy. These plugins are great for you to worry less about the functionality of the site and they let you work on improving your content and provide value to your readers.

There are a lot of functionalities that go into the making of a WordPress blog. These functionalities are structured on the plugins that come for specific tasks. In this comprehensive list, we will be covering the best of the best plugins in each category ranging from SEO to social sharing. These plugins from each category are the best at what they do and will cover both your blog’s front-end and back-end necessities. So, if you are planning to revamp your WordPress blog this new year and liven up with some new plugins, you are at the right place and in safe hands!

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