Smackdown Live Recap 12.19.2017

Smackdown Live

The show started with the yes chants. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon argued on what happens at Clash of Champions. The thoughts of both were not the same. Daniel said he does not want to see Shane as Mr. McMahon. Shane wished him good luck running the show and said he trusts him and gone. The following matches happened that night.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs the Usos

The was not a tag team championship match. This was not the night for the Usos. Super kicks didn’t work that night for the Usos. Chad Gable and Benjamin covered the match that time with some good moves. Benjamin and Gable won the match with their powerbomb Combo.

Riott & Logan vs Charlette Flair & Naomi

The Queen Flair showed in happiness to announce herself as a first member of team blue to represent the first ever women Royal Rumble match. Naomi came to the scene as well as Riott&Logan. The match ended up with beautiful Rear View by Naomi.

Dolph Ziggler’s Celebrations

This was an awkward celebration. He showed the clips of his greatest title wins. He left the ring without keeping his US championship belt. He left the Championship belt in the center of the ring. That was an annoying moment I would say.

New Day vs Aiden English & Rusev

The funny match ended up with the victory of New Day. Woods was dressed as reindeer, Kofi as the gingerbread man, the Bulgarian Rusev as Rusev Claus and the last but not the least Aiden as a snowman. Xavier Woods picked the win by hitting the elbow drop from the top rope to English.

AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and the viper Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal and team Kevin and Zayn

Jinder and Randy started things Off for their team. This was a physical match. The Singh brothers tried to interfere in the match and got a double DDT from Orton. Randy delivered an RKO to Jinder and KO got a Phenomenal Forearm. They won the match when Shinsuke deliver Kinshasa to Zayn. They enjoyed the music of the king of strong Style Shinsuke and got appreciated by the audience.

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