Reason Why Daniel Bryan Won’t Be Able to Wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling

It’s being speculated that Daniel Bryan will be leaving WWE after his contract with the company expires next year because the belief is that they will never clear him for in-ring competition again.

Dave Meltzer discussed Daniel Bryan’s condition on Wrestling Observer Radio and indicated that he will probably not be able to return to New Japan Pro Wrestling once his WWE deal runs out because he may not be able to pass the testing there. Here is a transcript of what Meltzer said regarding the matter:

“If you have a concussion [in New Japan] it’s the same thing: they keep you out, there’s no questions asked, and they don’t put you back in until you pass the testing. Now, do they have the same stuff as they do here? Our stuff, we use the stuff that Joseph Maroon did with the impact testing, and whatever they do [in Japan] is probably the same. But when guys have concussions in Japan they’re usually out for a while.”

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else regarding Daniel Bryan and his post-WWE plans.

On – 07 Aug, 2017 By Steve Carrier

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