Possible WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018 Headliners Revealed

The WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony is a night that gives fans a peek behind the curtain to witness the brotherhood first hand that our heroes generally share with each other. There are usually plenty of laughs and maybe even a couple of tears and everybody is excited to see what people will be wearing.

New Orleans is a special city to WWE given the fact they’re hosting WrestleMania once more this year. The possibilities are really quite endless when considering who could be next to join Vince’s Museum Of Musclemen, but the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided some clarity about one name floated to them who could headline next year’s ceremony.

At this juncture, it is being reported Dave Bautista is on Vince McMahon’s mind for an induction. During his time in the ring as Batista, he ran roughshod over the WWE roster and took part in many amazing events. His last run with the company was mismanaged a little bit but there were a lot of factors at play Dave had no control over. Now The Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise is a big deal and he is very much attached to the Marvel Universe so it would bring a ton of press to the event.

Another possibility is, of course, The Undertaker. New Orleans holds a special place in Taker’s heart because it’s where his streak was broken by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX so it would be a fitting place for such a tribute.

It is also noted Vince McMahon could always call The Rock and have him headline the WWE Hall Of Fame. It might be curious to some why The Rock isn’t already in the WWE Hall Of Fame but with every passing year, it could mean even more press coverage for the event. After all, if Vince waits any longer he could very well eventually have another US President in the HOF.

It’s still up in the air at this point because it ultimately depends on Vince McMahon’s choice and he still has time to make a decision. But reports are those are the three names he’s leaning toward to headline the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony at this point.

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