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What would be the most awesome thing to happen to WWE right now?

Of course there are various answers to that question depending on which part of The WWE Universe you ask and how close we are to WrestleMania 34, one of the very best things to happen to the company right now is for one of their most beloved superstars coming out of retirement for one more match. In fact, it might just give WWE the spark it needs to make it through the months before The Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

With that being said, Nikki Bella did an interview with the media recently to discuss the upcoming season of Total Bellas and how Daniel Bryan was doing as a father to his new born daughter. While the interview took many twists and turns as everything from the reality show to returning to ring came up as a topic, the idea of her Brother in law, Daniel Bryan returning to the ring.

“Daniel Bryan received word from some doctors saying he can return with the proper treatment Nikki Bella said during the interview,  but WWE doctors have yet to sign off on him. The awful fact is that due to WWE’s history concerning brain injuries, Bryan may never be approved to wrestle again in WWE. But that won’t stop him from trying, nor will it deter him from going elsewhere when his contract is up with WWE as long as he can find a doctor who will clear him to compete.”

Unfortunately for Bryan, who had to retire after suffering a possible career ending concusion injury two years ago, its highly unlikely that WWE is going to allow something like this to happen and even if they finally do, it will most likely be in as limited a capacity as possible. Maybe something will change and that prediction will be dead wrong sooner or later, but for now, it can’t be that likely.

The good news though is that once Bryan’s contract runs out with WWE, he is free to go to other promotions and wrestle for them. Of course that might just put his health in an every worse state, especially since he has had multiple concussions throughout his career and is at risk for having another one, but if Bryan wants to do that, then it is ultimately his choice.

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