EDUCATION 4.0: MOOCS (Massive Open Online Course) and Social media coursework at universities will be the norm. Mobile Education will lead to a major transformation of the education landscape with mEducation products and services representing a $38 billion market opportunity by 2020.

E-HEALTH: Healthcare Apps, Mobile Diagnostics and Intuitive Bio Feedback will explode, with healthcare professionals becoming involved in design and monitoring. By 2020, chronic diseases could account for almost 75% of all deaths worldwide: ischaemic heart disease (IHD), stroke and diabetes is set to increase in developing countries.
The best way to understand how people live with and use technology is to understand the sociology of things and situations. This is why we developed our KJAER GLOBAL’S TYPOLOGIES to illustrate typical use situations:

1: PREMIUM PROFESSIONALS are aspirational high achievers. They love anything digital and progressive to facilitate lifelong learning. These ambitious Global Citizens, want mobility and flexibility in all areas of life. Smart Technology touch points and channels are seen as life enablers and health management tools.

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