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Beach balls are now banned from WWE events, following the incidents from SummerSlam and Monday Night Raw. Fans that were caught with beach balls at Smackdown Live were told to get rid of them or risk being removed from the arena. Security was on alert at Smackdown and they were told by WWE not to allow any pool-related items, including beach balls that could distract from what was going on in the ring.

Some fans were able to sneak in a few beach balls at Smackdown but security was there to take them away. As we noted on the site, there were wrestlers upset because the crowd hijacked the show at different times during matches at Raw. Cesaro actually went into the crowd at SummerSlam to rip up a beach ball. However, in a post-match promo after Raw (click here to watch it), John Cena praised the crowd and encouraged them to continue having fun and he criticized some of the security staff.

You can see some of the beach ball craziness from Smackdown in the video below:

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